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6 Incredible Pet Trackers

    Dogs on the Grass Field

    The newest development in pet products is wearable pet tracking devices. These small gadgets follow a pet’s everyday activity using GPS and Wi-Fi.

    These devices can be used to track information about your location, fitness level, activity level, eating and sleeping patterns, and health.

    The majority of pet trackers can connect to a smartphone, so owners will always have access to their pet’s information.

    How To Choose The Right Pet Tracker

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    Comfort is the most crucial factor to take into account when selecting a pet tracker. Pet trackers that are large and hefty might drastically reduce the animal’s mobility.

    Search for a weather-resistant pet monitoring device. Pet owners won’t have to be concerned about bringing their pets outside in the rain or snow thanks to this. The pet tracker of choice must also be flexible and simple to put on or take off.

    A GPS-based pet tracker should be purchased. Only owners whose pets are within the phone’s range will receive notifications from pet trackers that employ Bluetooth transmitters.

    Ensure that the tracker app captures the user’s current location and health state. If the pet leaves a specific region, some trackers can even send alerts. Choose a pet tracking device that can be readily upgraded and updated.

    These are our top six suggestions for gadgets that keep tabs on dogs or cats now that we know what to look for in a pet tracker.

    Whistle Go Explore

    There are numerous features in both Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore. With the use of GPS, these tiny devices enable owners to pinpoint the whereabouts of their pets.

    They might make use of them to keep tabs on the daytime activity and health of their pet. Even licking and scratching are tracked.

    Based on their pet’s weight, breed, and age, owners can set health objectives for them using their highly-customizable application. They will receive a tailored report of their pet’s activity every week on their phone.

    An improved version that offers more battery life is the Whistle GO Explore. Users are able to use this tracker model without charging it for up to 20 days.

    Also, it has a light so that owners may quickly find their dog at night. Owners can quickly and simply attach the gadget to their dog’s collar because it doesn’t need to be assembled.

    Owners may quickly set up their Whistle application to send messages to dog walkers or other pet caregivers because it is totally configurable.

    However keep in mind that in order to use the application, customers will need to pay a monthly subscription cost.

    Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

    The Findster Duo+’s key benefit is that there is no monthly charge. The tracker is shockproof and waterproof. If owners have an active pet, these attributes make it the best option.

    With the help of Findster, owners may follow their pet’s whereabouts for up to three miles in open areas and up to half a mile in cities. Dogs above eight pounds are advised to use these trackers.

    The biggest disadvantage of this pet tracker is its low battery life. The battery of this GPS can last up to 12 hours if it is always on.

    Link AKC Smart Collar

    Owners can monitor their dog’s whereabouts and health with the aid of this smart collar. It has a rechargeable battery, is waterproof, and can withstand shock.

    On their application, owners can create a profile for their dog depending on the animal’s breed, age, and gender. They will receive daily updates on their dog’s whereabouts.

    The fact that this collar is designed for dogs weighing more than 10 pounds is its only drawback.

    Tractive GPS 3G Tracker For Dogs And Cats

    It’s quite simple to attach the Tractive GPS to their pet’s collar. It’s wonderful for both cats and dogs. Every three seconds, owners can receive notifications regarding the whereabouts of their pets.

    The gadget is waterproof and incredibly durable. They can locate their pet anywhere if it wanders off.

    Bartun Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator

    This pet tracker is perfect for little dogs because of its size. Dogs are located using the Bartun Mini using GPS satellites. Owners have the option of receiving notifications on their phones via SMS or an application.

    It can follow its dog for up to five meters. Owners of their application are required to pay a $4–$9 monthly subscription charge.

    Cat Tailer

    This small, lightweight pet tracker is made especially for cats. The cat’s position is tracked using Bluetooth. Owners can track their cat within 328 feet using their app, which is free to use. The battery can last for up to six months.